PRP Mechanism

Cosmetic Rejuvenation

  • Wrinkle improvement
    Fine wrinkles. Eye wrinkles, Wrinkles around mouth. Forehead wrinkles.
  • Skin pores and elasticity
    Reduction of skin pore size. Improvement in skin elasticity and skin tone.
  • Skin pigmentation disorders
    Skin whitening against hyper-pigmentation such as freckles. Skin blemish, etc.
  • Other applications
    Improvement in hair loss. Chapped skin. Burn wound, Dark circles, etc.

Orthopedic medicine Healing Process

  • · Plantar Fasciitis, sports ligament injuries, frozen shoulder, chronic elbow inflammation.
  • · Recovery from postoperative pain, damaged shoulder rotator cuff, tendon injury.
  • · Achilles tendinitis, chondromalacia patellae, ligament injury of ankle, cartilage damage, degenerative arthritis, etc.