PRP Kit contains tools for concentrating and extracting blood platelets and adjusting blood plasma levels. Our kit is for separating plasma and enriching it with high concentrations of platelets.

Dr. PRP is a medical device exclusively designed for PRP separation. Highly concentrated platelets by Dr. PRP kit release a large amount of growth factors which are normally inside the platelets. The large amount of released growth factors induces the therapy of damaged connective tissue rapidly and robustly. These growth factors may lead to stable regeneration of the damaged area by collecting the cells capable of wound therapy induction.

  • 1. Compatible with common centrifuge.
  • 2. Easy separation due to the single tube use.
  • 3. Highly concentrated PRP extraction by centrifugation twice.
  • 4. Elimination of contamination caused by external air by adapting the closed system.
  • 5. Isolation from external contamination due to the double 0-ring interference fit.
  • 6. Easy identification of the Buffy coat layer by naked eye.

Additional information

Weight 10.0 oz
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 in